Wednesday, July 18, 2012


New Plug & Play!
The Plug & Play concept greatly simplifies compressor installation and compressor change-outs.
Here’s how it works: The most popular American Eagle compressors now require simular hydraulic flow
(gallons per minute). In addition, the mounting baseplates and hydraulic connections are all common as well. This eliminates the time and expense of changing out PTO’s and pumps.
Group 1: SHD-43AFP and SHD-60AFP require 11 gpm. The SRS-40 requires 12 gpm. Group 2: SHD-66P, SHD-132P, and SRS-65P now all require 18 gpm.
Now you can easily change from one compressor (in the same group) to another compressor very
quickly and easily. Plug & Play; another way American Eagle is making your life easier!

Compressor Pumps
Single-Stage Hydraulic Driven
Two-Stage Hydraulic Driven
Rotary Screw Compressors
Gas and Diesel Engine Driven
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