Monday, September 5, 2011

HITACHI Screw Compressor Models 4002SC-H, 5002SC-H and 6002SC-H

HITACHI Screw Compressor Models 4002SC-H, 5002SC-H and 6002SC-H
Service and Operation Manual

Table of Contents
General product features & specification
Product Introduction
Product Feature
Production Features
Screw Compressor vs Reciprocating Compressor
Hitachi Screw Compressor Advantage
Construction Details
Refrigerant Flow
Oil Flow
Capacity Control System
Detail of Components

ACCS Service Warranty Information
Operating Condtion
Protective Devices

ACCS Service and Sales Manual
Wiring Diagram for Direct Across-the-line Starting
Wiring Diagram for Reduced Voltage (Star Delta) Starting
Pilot Duty Electronic Motor Protection Modules
Electrical Phasing for Proper Compressor Rotation
Compressor Oil Replacement Procedures
Oil Specification and Maintenance Sheet
Screw Compressor Oil Management
Handling Procedures - JOMO Freol SR-30
Hitachi Screw Compressor Exploded Service Parts View
Hitachi Screw Compressor Sevice Parts List
ACCS PM Program Oil Analysis Sheet
ACCS Low Level Rebuild
General Screw Compressor Specifications
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