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Catalogue Mobile Applications
Bock vehicle compressors for bus-, railway air-conditioning and transport refrigeration

Vehicle compressors FK for bus- and railway air-conditioning N, K
Vehicle compressors FK for transport refrigeration TK
Semi-hermetic compressors HG for railway- and bus air-conditioning
CO2 compressors transcritical
Service - Made by GEA Bock
Please download here PDF | 8,30 MB

Bock open type compressors F
The full range open type compressors and units
F single-stage compressors
F compressors for NH3
FDK compressor units for direct drive 3
Service made by GEA Bock
Please download here PDF | 8,37 MB

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SD Compressor Service Guide

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Table of Contents
1. Compressor Models Covered
2. Compressor Nomenclature
3. Cautionary Information
3.1 Pressure Release
3.2 Recovery of Refrigerant
3.3 Handling of Refrigerant
3.4 Ventilation
3.5 Avoid use of
3.6 Warranty for Recycled Refrigerant
4. R134a Information
4.1 R134a/PAG Oil Handling
4.2 Table of Saturation Temperatures and Pressure
5. Compressor Identification
5.1 Label
5.2 Date Codes
6. Application Specifications
6.1 Belt Tension
6.2 Speed Rating
6.3 Basic Specifications
6.4 Assembly Torques
6.5 Mounting
6.5.1 Compressor Rotation
6.5.2 Ear Deflection Bending
6.6 Recommended Pressure and Temperature Conditions
6.6.1 Discharge Gas Condition
6.6.2 Suction Gas Condition
6.6.3 Ambient Temperature
6.7 Clutch
6.8 Oil Charge
6.8.1 Oil Flow Theory
6.8.2 Oil Charging Passenger Car Light Duty Truck Single Evaporator Dual Evaporator Long Hose Systems System Refrigerant charges greater than 56 oz (1600g)
7. Diagnosis Confirmation Of Compressor Failure
7.1 Compressor Rotation
7.2 Clutch Inspection
7.2.1 Voltage Test
7.2.2 Air Gap Test
7.2.3 Coil Resistance Test
7.3 Pressure or Pumping Test
7.4 Leak Checking
7.4.1 Visual
7.4.2 Soap bubble
7.4.3 Electronic
7.4.4 Dyes
7.5 Noise
7.5.1 Non Compressor
8. Compressor Repair
8.1 Clutch Removal
8.2 Clutch Installation
8.3 Cylinder Head Replacement
9. Compressor Replacement
9.1 Contamination Inspection
9.2 Oil Amount (No Contamination)
9.3 Oil Amount (Flushed System)
10. Service Procedures
10.1 Flushing
10.1.1 Equipment types
10.1.2 Safety
10.1.3 Acceptable Flushing Fluids
10.1.3 Components to Flush
10.1.4 Flushing Tips
10.1.5 Removal of Residual Flushing Fluid
10.2 Evacuation
10.3 Refrigerant Charge
10.3.1 Charging Systems
10.3.2 High Side Charging
10.3.3 Low Side Charging
10.4 System Oil Balance
10.4.1 Oil flow
10.4.2 In Laboratory Oil Amount Determination
10.4.3 Oil Checking is Not Required Under Normal Conditions
10.4.4 Circumstances When Oil Addition or Balancing is Required
10.4.5 Oil Addition during Component Replacement
11. Warranty
11.1 Return Process
11.2 Warranty Duration
12. Compressor Failure Causes
11.1 Overheating
11.2 Contamination
12.3 Clutch Slippage
12.4 Handling or Impact Damage
13. Tools
13.1 Special Service Tools
13.2 Standard Tools
Please download here PDF | 1,64 MB
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Thursday, July 19, 2012

DAEWOO Compressor Hermetic Catalog

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Model Identification
Cooling Capacity
Units & Conversions
R134a LBP 100V / 50Hz
R134a LBP 100V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 110-115V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 127V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 110V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 220V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 220V / 60Hz
R134a LBP 220-240V / 50Hz
R134a LBP 220-240V / 50Hz
R134a LBP 110V / 50Hz
R600a LBP 220-240V / 50Hz
BLDC LBP 220V / 60Hz
Pipe(Tube) Size
Assembly Diagram
Assembly of Electrical Parts
Wiring Diagram
Mounting Accessory
Application Guide
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Copeland Scroll Wholesaler Product Guide

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Table of Contents
Quick Reference
Copeland® Brand to Copeland® Brand
Bristol to Copeland® Brand
Tecumseh to Copeland® Brand
General Notes
Compressor Data
Notes, Rating Points
ZB, ZF, and ZS Models
ZR Models
ZFH Models
ZP Models
ZRT/ZZ Tandem Models
Electrical Diagrams
Standard Compressor Drawings
Electrical Components
Bill of Material Description
Miscellaneous Information
Crankcase Heaters
Mounting Kits
Single Compressor Replacements for Tandems
Shipping Weights
Model Number BTUH Nomenclature
Copeland® Brand
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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

ZB Refrigeration Scroll Compressor Catalogue

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General Information
Application guide
Installation and piping arrangement
Performance Data
R22 50Hz
R404A 50Hz
R134a 50Hz
R22 60Hz
R404A 60Hz
R134a 60Hz
Technical Data
Dimensions & Brazing Connection
Electrical Wiring Diagram
Application Envelope 4
Model Nomenclature & BOM Summary
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New Plug & Play!
The Plug & Play concept greatly simplifies compressor installation and compressor change-outs.
Here’s how it works: The most popular American Eagle compressors now require simular hydraulic flow
(gallons per minute). In addition, the mounting baseplates and hydraulic connections are all common as well. This eliminates the time and expense of changing out PTO’s and pumps.
Group 1: SHD-43AFP and SHD-60AFP require 11 gpm. The SRS-40 requires 12 gpm. Group 2: SHD-66P, SHD-132P, and SRS-65P now all require 18 gpm.
Now you can easily change from one compressor (in the same group) to another compressor very
quickly and easily. Plug & Play; another way American Eagle is making your life easier!

Compressor Pumps
Single-Stage Hydraulic Driven
Two-Stage Hydraulic Driven
Rotary Screw Compressors
Gas and Diesel Engine Driven
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