Thursday, August 18, 2011

TECO Centrifugal Chiller

High Efficiency : 0.57 kW/RT, COP = 6.169
Applied economizer with 2 stages compression
Develop High Efficiency Impeller
Acquirement of certificate of high efficiency using appliance (TR-E500H1, 1000H1)

System Control optimization
Inlet Guide Vane(IGV), Movable Diffuser(MD) control & Applied Hot Gas Bypass V/V
PLC Control System & Color Graphic Touch Screen Display

High Reliability Main Motor
This construction has a minimum trouble about refrigerant leakage as compared to
shaft seal of open type and is excellent at the insulation. The motor rotor cooling
method is applied to cooling by refrigerant liquid.

Low Noise Compressor
R-134a centrifugal water chiller has greatly decreased the production of noise
during operation in comparison to the previous R-123 turbo chiller and other
company’s centrifugal water chillers through application of precision impeller, dual
casing, optimum number of rotations, and low-noise design.(79~85 dB(A))

High Efficiency Impeller
Applied increased the efficiency of the compressor by improving the impeller’s flow
passage and by applying hydro-dynamically optimum revolutions per minute.

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